The Hairy Clan: About Me

About Me

Called FRY by friends.
Called DAYASMIN by husband.
Have a thick, curly hair that drives my mom nuts everytime i wear them down.
(Almost) Always have a long hair.
Hate taking a bath.
Don't drink milk.
Do eat lots of desserts.
A disney fanatics.
Love DIY projects.
Adore Hello Kitty.
Have a major interest in design.
Obsessed with white furniture.
Read Japanese mangas.
Have watched Sound of Music 100 times (am not exaggerating).
Cries when sad, happy and angry *Hi there massive eye bags!*
Always constipated.
Can't ride a bike.
Aaannddd.... can't drive a car *kasiannyaaaaa*
Have a clothing line called FRAI.
Thinking of naming our future kids TOKYO and KYOTO (which strongly rejected by thehusband. BOO!)


Called EKI by friends.
Called MORISKY by wife.
Used to love classic rock.
But recently got caught singing along to Lady Gaga.
Mostly wear boots.
Drink milk like a pro!
Have a weakness for creamy desserts and strawberry flavored foods (and drinks).
Kids magnet.
Have an impressive bowel movements.
Rarely cut his toenails.
Sucks at storytelling.
Love his motorcycle.
Have an amazing sense of humor.
Obsessed with photography.
Recently trying to quit smoking.

A couple since August 17th 2005.
A wife and a husband since January 8th 2011.
 Currently transform ourself into baby making machine (After postponing for 1,5 years)
And praying of having a fun filled and blessed marriage.
Can we say AMEN?